Easter Table Decorations with Paper Flowers

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Simple, fast & Pro: Easter Table Decorations with Paper Flowers.  That’s what I’m aiming at this Easter. While crafting is fun, many projects can take days, if not weeks. Well, most of us do not have time for those projects during busy holidays, such as the Easter festivities.

Let’s be practical and nonetheless do something great for upcoming Easter weekend that we can create in a flash and at the last minute.

Today I want to show you how you can re-purpose almost any project on this blog for the theme that you are after, such as Easter. Let’s work through an example.

Easter Table Decorations with Paper Flowers

Easter Table Decorations with Paper Flowers

  1. Review the FineCraftGuild.com Free tutorial on how to make fabulous flowers with crepe paper, and click back to this page.
  2. Now that we know ‘how to’ make the flowers, it’s time to choose your colors for your Easter table decoration. I’m going for happy orange and yellow for this project, but any two (or three)-Spring-color-combination would do. As white is a Spring color too, only one color plus a white table setting could work very well.Pastels are nice, but if you will also feature children’s craft at the table, which tend to be brighter, I’d go with full colors like I am showing here. This way it will all blend.(Psssst …..pastel lovers: be sure to check this blog tomorrow as I’ll be showing a pastel-colored Easter craft for kids for the brunch table. This way, you can set your table in delightful pastel sands, whites, blues and pinks, feature your kid’s Easter artwork, and your Easter table will look great)
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  3. Once you’ve made several paper flowers in the colors of your choice, group your flowers with some other Easter decor objects, such as my lovely wooden chicks, and some shiny eggs, or whatever you already own by way of Easter decoration. Tada… that was easy.
  4. These Easter table decorations with flowers will give splash to my brunch table, and … it’s just the right size for me to pick up the decorative grouping and display it elsewhere in the house before & after the Easter brunch.


Complementary Easter Crafts to your Easter Table Decorations with Paper Flowers

easter present w flower

  1. Place some garden sticks in a vase and attach the flowers to the sticks. See the downloadable illustration in the ‘Fabulous Paper Flowers’-tutorial. Tip: choose the same colors for the table setting as for the branches for your side board.
  2. Make the kids happy with giving them a polka dot Easter mugs filled with some goodies on a stick, an Easter bunny topped pen, and of course, decorated with a lovely paper flower.

I hope you like those Easter craft ideas. Be sure to check out some of the other lovely Easter ideas I have posted here at FineCraftGuild.com.


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