Free Easter Coloring Pages & Egg Mobile Project

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Finished the Easter brunch, done the Easter egg hunt, and now need to calm the kids down after the sugar rush, with something calm and creative?

Be ready and print out these free craft downloads ahead of time.

I made a set of Easter Eggs kids of a variety of ages can color in. They work together like a free little coloring book.

When they are all done with coloring, they can cut out the eggs with scissors. The eggs can be hung on a string like a garland to decorate a door or window, or can be grouped together and made into a simple mobile. It all depends on what materials you have on hand, and how crafty you & they are.

Free Easter Coloring Pages

fantasy easter egg coloring page

For a garland, you’ll need a hole puncher and a ribbon or thread.

For the mobile, you’ll also need a dry-cleaner’s metal wire coat hanger. Cut it into segments of various length, and hang the threaded eggs from the various metal wire mini rods. One thread in the center of the mobile allows you to hang it from the dinner table lamp or ceiling.

Fun and easy craft project that also fast to do. Allows you to integrate the efforts of the whole family as both adults and toddlers can participate in the coloring of the eggs.

By Rose,

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