How to Sculpt Gorgeous Easter Egg Designs

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Here are some truly inspirationally gorgeous Easter Egg Designs.  I came across these amazing sculpted goose eggs by master carver Alan Rabon just by chance.  He has made several eggs for the White House and all carvings are all gorgeous!

Alan Rabon is truly an inspiration for any budding artist, as he managed to persevere in making a living carved Easter eggfrom his love for art, despite the fact that  he has been riddled with physical challenges from accidents & sickness. Yet, he has produced art with painstaking detail that makes your jaw drop.

I personally love all his curly-whirly designs you can find on his site, and of course, what stands out for me is the egg with the rose, the trellis & ivy ~ how romantic.

Carved goose egg

Easter Egg

And I thought to share this beautiful Christian cross design, as after all, it’s Easter coming up. Besides that being a family affair, decoration & craft opportunity, here in Rome, Italy, there is no mistaken: it’s a religious holiday!

Make your own Easter Egg Sculpture

Do you think you could make an egg sculpture like this? Well, you can only find out by trying, and it’s very inexpensive to try. But you got to order the materials now, allowing for shipping & carving time, to be ready for Easter.

What you’ll need:

1. A GOOSE EGG.  You can buy these for less than $3 right here online.

2. An EGG STAND . Buy these together with your egg, so that you’ll know you’ll get the right size & shape.  Stands are the best way to finish off your egg project. A stand will elevate the egg to make it easier to display your fine work. This Egg Stand befits goose eggs, and is less than $4.

SIZE MATTERS:emu_egg  If you prefer start of a bit bigger (recommended), get an emu egg, and matching emu egg stand.

3. CARVING TOOLS, such as this one: Dremel 689-01 11-Piece Rotary Tool Carving and Engraving Kit; and this one: W2 Diamond Bur – Wheel Shaped Diamond Bur – Approximate Head Length 1.9mm, Head Diameter 4.5mm – 1/16″ Shank (Made In USA)

4. An EGG CARVING HOW-TO DVD. Alan’s series included:

  • a) Goose & Turkey Egg Carving Tutorial;
  • b) Emu Egg Carving Tutorial;
  • c) Ostrich Egg Engraving Tutorial;
  • d) Ostrich Egg Carving Tutorial

Excellent for beginners to advanced egg carvers, but no longer available it appears, — sorry.


Royal Easter Eggs Designs

As Rabon’s eggshell sculptures are good enough for the White House , I’m sure it will look stunning in your house also!

An Alan Rabon Emu Egg Carving

If, you embark on carving your own Easter egg designs, please show us what you’ve made. We love to feature the work of our readers also.

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