Chalkboard Easter Eggs

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Want a new look and something totally unique this Easter coming up? I found something really marvelous.

Have a look at this chalkboard egg!!!

chalkboard easter egg bunny

A few chalkboard Easter eggs would make the most surprising Easter table decoration. They are quirky, unique Easter gifts, that can be personalized, and that can be of use year-round.

Think your regular chicken eggs too small to write messages and make drawings? Then consider ostrich eggs, which usually measure between 13-17 cm. Did you know that ostrich eggs are as strong as ceramics? That’s why Lisa Tilse from The Red Thread makes their chalkboard eggs from real ostrich egg shells, with the egg blown-out, resting on handmade nests, as shown above.

Write sweet messages or do little drawings to share them as gifts, or keep one on your desk to doodle on. The chalk easily washes off so the eggs can be used over and over again. They’re US$35 a piece. Order early, as they have to come from Australia.

To avoid that shipping lead-time and spurred by my thrifty-nature, I am tempted to buy some large wooden eggs, cover these with chalkboard paint, and leave these in a bowl on my coffee table with a few chalks to inspire that creative child in us all.

I am actually happily looking forward now to make a black & white Easter brunch table setting, and b/w Easter crafty things this year. Perhaps I will share some of my b/w/silver Easter decorating ideas here at

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