Chocolate easter eggs with cheesecake and passionfruit filling – Recipe


These handmade chocolate easter eggs with cheesecake and passionfruit filling make a superb Easter dessert: light, creamy and not overly sweet. They look so much like real eggs, that it puts a smile on my face. Sophisticated, but actually, not difficult at all to make!

easter eggs w cheesecake filling
Chocolate easter eggs with cheesecake and passionfruit filling

These Easter eggs look so unbelievably realistic. I believe the secret is the textures and the colors of the chilled cheesecake and the passionfruit sauce.

They also look really tasty! Make me want to make them right away. Let’s call that a practice run for Easter brunch. Like the idea?

Ingredients for Filled Easter Eggs

Here’s what you will need to make them. Order what you’ll need today if you want to have them for the weekend, in particular the chocolate eggs.

  • Hollow Easter Eggs: either buy hollow eggs or chocolate egg molds, like these ones
  • For the fluffy cheesecake mousse filling, you’ll need cream cheese (only 5 oz/150 g), some icing sugar, lemon juice, vanilla extract and some whip cream.
  • For the yellow sauce: you’ll need 1 passion fruit, a tablespoon of apricot jam, a tablespoon of butter.

Makes 6-8 medium-sized (approx. 6 x 4 cm/ 2.5x 1.5”) chocolate Easter eggs.

You can prepare these Easter eggs a few days in advance, but you must keep your eggs upright in the fridge. To prevent them from drying out, store them air-tight.

Chocolate easter eggs with cheesecake and passionfruit filling photo credit + Recipe details:

Beat cream cheese, icing sugar, lemon juice and vanilla till smooth and fluffy (3-4 minutes, on high). In other bowl, whip the thickened cream to stiff peaks (don’t over-whip!). Then, gently combine the two till smooth. Pipe mixture into the chocolate shells, after you knocked off the heads with a knife. Chill eggs for 30+ minutes to set.

Strain passionfruit pulp to remove seeds and place in saucepan with the apricot jam and butter. Gently heat on low, whisking until butter melts/ mixture is smooth. Remove from the heat and cool. Place in the fridge to chill and slightly thicken.

Scoop out a 1cm deep/wide hole in the centre of each cheesecake. Fill hole with passionfruit sauce. Chill desserts in fridge for half an hour.

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