Easter Decorations: Eggs as Tablecloth Weights

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Easter eggs as weights make easy Easter table decorations. And useful ones to boot.

Are you, like me, planning to have Easter brunch outside? Then, outdoor decorating ideas are needed. Ideas such as ‘how to keep that table cloth down when the wind picks up so that your brunch does not land in your neighbor’s pool’… We’ll need these:

Easter Egg Table Weights

So easy, so Easter, so festive, so fun.


tablecloths weight

As cute as Egg ornaments, but with a practical application.


Quick 1,2,3 How-to Instructions

1. Take one or more little rocks from the gardens, weighing the right weight to function as table cloth weight..

2. Take a plastic Easter egg, and put the little rocks inside.

3. With a bit of tacky glue (a Pratt stick will do), make 4 lines over the egg, so that the ribbon will stick to it.

4. Now wrap your contrast colored ribbon around the egg;  twist it 90 degrees at the egg bottom (see picture) and bring the ribbon back to the top, where you tie a double-tie. Use the remaining ends of the ribbon to attach the ribbon-ed egg to your tablecloth.  Just a small safety pin will do to secure it on the inside of the tablecloth end. If you prefer, you can attach a permanent clip, or simply sew the ribbon onto your tablecloth with a few stitches.



Buy your most colorful, inexpensive ribbon here. They have a diverse range of them, including



Consistent Decorating Color Scheme & Theme

5. Match your table weights and ribbons with the color of your Easter Brunch table.

table cloths

There are  many beautiful tablecloths that perfectly say ‘Spring’, while being  usable well throughout Spring and Summer.

I personally love woven Jacquard table cloths, the kind that you typically find in the Provence, however, that you can much more easily (and cheaper) buy online, e.g. right here:

Durable Woven Jacquard 100% Cotton Orange and Yellow Honeybee Tablecloth 54×90 Inches

or other cheery (stripy)  Easter Tablecloths.

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