How to make an Easter Egg cup from Paper maché

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In terms of free Easter crafts for kids, I really have two craft projects. Let’s start with How to make an Easter Egg cup from Paper maché.

How to make an Easter Egg cup from paper mache

The first craft project is to make this Easter paper mache egg cup. If you have seen other egg cups made from paper mache before, then you realize this is quite the arty version. It’s a bit different. It’s not really only for kids…

What’s neat about this egg holder is that it reminds you of a boiled egg with a broken top: yellow and white with scruffy edges… This Easter egg cup holder is a perfect contrast to the smooth shape of the egg that it will hold.

As this first Easter craft project requires some lead time to complete, i.e. the paper mache layers need to dry, we’ll start with that one and do the second craft project tomorrow.

The second craft project is to create a cute little egg puppet with a decorated paper hat, some hair & sweet embellishments. It’s adorable, and all girls will want one as their Easter table decoration. This project can be accomplished within an hour or less, dependent on how fast you can craft.

Kids Easter Crafts #1: Egg Cup from Paper Mache

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The easy way to make a paper maché egg cup is by using an existing cup (or a slightly small plastic easter egg) as a mould.

Before you begin this project, take a moment to review my prior post on the ultimately easy paper mache recipe. This will help a lot to understand the below instructions.

To prep, cover your working surface, make your paper maché ‘glue’ with water, flour, optionally helped with white glue (see recipe).

Now, line the inside of an ordinary egg holder with glad wrap. Cut a piece of thin tissue paper to size (approximately), dip it in the ‘glue’ and press it into the egg holder. Repeat this with up to 4 sheets of tissue paper. Then, set it aside to dry. When dry, remove your egg shape from the cup.

Now, let’s make the base for your egg holder. Ideally, make it about 2 a cm high, although there is nothing exact about this. Tear a strip of newsprint of 4 cm wide, fold it in half (2 cm), then dip the strip into your paper maché ‘glue’ and shape it into a ring around your finger (go round and around till it is several layers thick. Tape the ends so that it indeed is a ring. This ring will be the base of your egg cup. Make sure it’s flat at the bottom, so that the egg holder will be stable. You may need to press it onto a surface to ensure it’s flat. Let it dry.

Next, Smear white glue on one side of the base, and place the egg-shaped paper mache ‘cup’ onto your base. Let it dry.

Note: All prior steps can be prepped by a preschool / school teacher.

Now the fun begins that kids will love: messing around! Dip thin strips of newsprint into your ‘glue’ and apply them to your egg cup skeleton. Go around and around the cup holder till it’s nicely thick, sturdy and even on all sides.

When it’s semi-dry, it’s time to tear off the top edges. Personally, I really wanted a crafty, ‘absolutely not store-bought’ look, and so I tore off big chunks and made a very irregular top line. ( see picture).

However, if you prefer to be neat instead, of course you can. A teacher or other adult can use a (very sharp!!!) Stanley knife to make an even cut and a smooth edge of your egg holder. For a smooth edge, you’re better of to cut when your egg holder is completely dry.

Now it’s time to paint. Added two layers of gesso, followed by a simple mat yellow paint. Each layer must dry before the next one is to be applied.

Last, sand the egg holder so that the outside becomes smooth. Let the newsprint and the white underpaint come through for an artsy look.

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Alternative Easter Egg Cup Craft Ideas

  • Skip the sanding and go for a solid color instead.
  • Wrap a ribbon around it.
  • Applique little paper flowers/other Easter images to the surface.
  • Paint polka dots on it.
  • Write or glue on words, e.g. Happy Easter or the names of the guests.

Each to one’s taste….

The second Easter Kids Craft project can be found here on this blog tomorrow.

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