Easter Bunny Pop-up Greeting Card

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Easter Greeting Cards. Add your Easter wishes to your own hand cut Easter Bunnies and Trees pop-up card. Amazingly cute and easy to fabricate. Really!! (It’s because I’ve got a template for you … (wink)).

easter bunny greeting card

Paper cutting started in the 6th century in China. 2-3 centuries later, papercutting were found in West Asia, and by the time it was 16th century, we could find them in Turkey also. Add another 100 years, and the art of paper cutting had migrated to middle Europe, where it has been very popular ever since. Now you can find paper cutting everywhere. To me, paper cuttings have a mist of nostalgie about it, and yes, remind me of old fashioned German ‘gemutlichkeit’.

Free Papercut Card Template Download

Easter Bunny Pop-up card template (click link for pdf)

Image credit / card template: Carol from Extremecards, which is a wonderful site to learn how to make pop-up cards.

Fold the Scene

The trees, flowers and bunnies designs actually come from this fantastic book on paper cuttings, called vintage book Scherenschnitte: Holiday Collection by Back Street Designs. Scherenschnitte is just German for ‘paper cutting’. Great books!

If you haven’t seen it you should take a peek now. Both inspirational and a handy resource to make your own pop-ups, cartoons, appliqués, and more. Shapes are always handy to have on hand for any craft artisan or artist.

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