Savory Easter Brunch Treats Recipe that look like Carrots

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These cute carrot-shaped treats are a perfect feature at an Easter Brunch table. Crescent roll carrots have been popular for some time now in my family. And we’re not alone.

I have seen versions of these carrot-shaped treats with all kinds of savory fillings and topped with lettuce leaves or parsley.

Beth at Hungry Happenings filled them with egg salad and added fresh dill sprigs atop (see photo).

I’m sure you’ll use your own creativity, and look forward to seeing pictures of your version.

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Sweet Carrots for Easter??

My alternative idea: I am thinking that a sweet version would be equally good for breakfast, e.g. filled with a light strawberry cream / cream cheese and topped with a fresh strawberry with its green crown, plus a few sprigs of fresh mint around it. 

What do you think: sweet or savory??

The 1,2,3 Quick Howto Recipe / Cooking Instructions

There are 2 key secrets to making these carrot-shaped Easter brunch treats:

1. Pillsbury Crescent Seamless Dough Sheet, which you buy in the cool section of your local supermarket.

2. The right horn molds, (shop on Amazon) which you can buy here online. They are only a couple of dollars and are really fun and versatile.

No to Food Coloring

For the sake of the health of our families, omit any food coloring ideas you have in your mind, right now! Spread egg yolk onto your Easter breakfast horns just before baking them.  They will come out golden and delicious.

photo credit: Hungry Happenings

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