50+ Fun Earth Day Activities

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April 22, will be Earth Day 2020. Celebrate the day with these Cool Crafts for Kids and Earth Day Activities that also grown-ups can benefit from and enjoy!

Earth day activities

5 Most Important Earth Day Facts

  1. The Earth Day in 1970 had an immediate impact: the first major political efforts to protect the environment commenced:  the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was established and the landmark Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and Endangered Species Act and many other groundbreaking environmental laws soon followed that first Earth Day. E.g. Car emission standards were set and insecticides like DDT were banned.
  2. Earth Day has also changed the people. 20 m participated in that first Earth Day in 1970.
  3. Nowadays many cities celebrate Earth week instead with a strong focus on educational and local community participation.
  4. On Earth Day’s 40th anniversary in 2010 an estimated 1b citizens of the world contributed to Earth Day in one way or another.
  5. And in 2020, we get to celebrate Earth Day together again! I love Mother Earth, I love recycling and I hope you too will enjoy the many eco-friendly crafts and activities at the fine Craft Guild. Let’s start with planting seeds.

Best Earth Day Activities: Plant Seeds!

earth day activities
Feed your family, feed the world. ~ Rose, FineCraftGuild

Starting Moringa Oliefera plants

See that tiny tree in front??! That’s a Moringa Oliefera. This is a super-food plant that can help solve world hunger. Want to know more about how we together CAN build a sustainable world? Email me your concerns and in the meanwhile, grow trees & plants from seeds!

earth day activities

To celebrate Earth Day 2020, I want to show you how to best grow your own food plants from seeds:

5 Steps to Successfully Grow Your own Food Plants from Seeds

STEP 1. Research.

Know your facts. Which soil, light and warmth conditions are best for your plants? Look up the best planting times on the seed packs, if you use these. Best planting times vary by region. Also look into companion planting, as co-location of plants definitely helps in the pursuit of maintaining healthy, fruit-bearing plants that stay pest free.

STEP 2. Nurture!

Save all used organic teabags from now on and add the contents to your seedlings. It’s a tiny habit that has good results. See it for yourself. Sew one seed without an endowment of tea material, and one with. Keep all the other conditions the same and see the difference. This is a GREAT classroom experiment for teachers and students.

earth day activities

This organic Yogi tea affirmation: “Strong Desire needs Strong Will” – applies to your planting endeavors also!

STEP 3. Protect your Seedlings

earth day activities
earth day activities

Give your seeds and seedlings a bit of help. By recycling plastic bottles, cutting off the tops and placing them upside down over your seedlings, you effectively put your plants into mini-greenhouses. They love it. Watch them grow! 

Recycling Crafts for Gardening

earth day activities

Using recycled toilet paper rolls to start growing from seed is a great idea. There is enough space for downward root development. Toilet paper roll fit perfectly into an IKEA tea light holder, making the rolls portable. You can bring in seedlings on those still too cold nights, while allowing them  to enjoy that first Spring sun.

earth day activities

Don’t over throw away broken cloth pins again. They make excellent mini-stakes for seedlings. Use a Sharpie to mark the label. In contrast, Crayola markers make an unreadable mess. See that purple glow on my spinach sign?! Right. Use a Sharpie.

earth day activities

STEP 4. Pray for your plants

Well, if you are a Reiki master, you can put your seed and seedlings on healing energy therapy. For the rest of us, we can pray for or talking nicely to your plants also work wonders to help them grow. I dare you to try this and log your results. I bet you will be amazed. Another fun experiment and way to make a deeper connection to nature and the food you’ll grow.

STEP 5. Develop a Gardening Journal

Before putting your plants into the Earth, go back to your research notes to remind yourself of their ideal locations: sunny, shade, out of the wind, etc. Where are your keeping all your notes? In a planting or gardening journal! A gardening journal is a fun place to keep your info organized but also to scrapbook pictures of what herbs and plants you want to grow next year, and to keep up to date notes re. growing results so that you’ll improve your gardening skills and results, growing season after growing season.


50+ Earth Day Crafts
Earth day activities

Click this title or the image and hop over to see all 50+ projects. It’s a growing list. A few years back, I started developing a long Earth Day Crafts-list, spread over 5 pages with tons of eco-friendly DIY ideas and cool recycling crafts for kids. Since then, I have featured over a hundred creative projects that help shun those nasty things like pesticides and help take the sting out of environmentalism making going organic totally fun, healthy and beautiful. They are all over FineCraftGuild.com. Browse around and be sure to use the ‘search’-function on the top of this page.

ps 1. Please SHARE, TWEET + LIKE this article.  The more people sew seeds the better. Mother Earth will be thanking you.

ps 2. Don’t forget to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

earth day activities

ps 3. Why are there so many 5’s in this article?? It’s a subliminal message for you! Numerologists can tell you that the symbolic meaning of number 5 is growth and change.

What more can I tell you?!
Happy Earth Day everyone!

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