DIY Animal Print Earrings


Creativity comes in waves in my life, with one thing leading to the next. Last Thursday I visited London to sum up 5 Trends in London Fashion Week’s pret-a-porter collections in the city’s high fashion hub. I realized that leopard animal prints will be completely the rage this Fall Winter fashion season. So, when needing to make a nice birthday gift for a friend for her Saturday night pub party, I devised a second pair of these animal print earrings. You might recall that I made my first animal print earrings over a year ago, and this tutorial dates from back to that time. My second animal print earrings were slightly more involved in that I added a shiny bead to add a bit of luster and blend the bronze earring hoops with the silver findings that I included and made it all … belong.

Here’s my prior tutorial for mod flower w/ animal print – earrings again…

DIY Animal Print Earrings :: camouflage earrings ::

I had those ultra-long antiqued brass earring hooks laying around for a while with the intention to make something with them. Then, last night I was looking for my pliers which could not find, so I decided to tidy up my bead collection, in the hope of finding my pliers.

Well, I did find my pliers and I also found a small pack with these whimsical leopard print mod flowers. They are made of a resin called lucite. Are you familiar with this material? It’s pretty ‘new’ (i.e. been around since the early 20th century, but seems to have never been as cool as since recent times) and is super light weight. I picked out two flowers. While I was at it, I also pick out 2 x 2 small connector rings from my stash of jewelry making supplies.

Then, this morning, when I had that good natural light that’s ideal for jewelry making, I attached two rings to each mod flower. And then I attached each flower to the earring loops.

DIY Animal Print Earrings :: camouflage earrings ::


Pop, squeeze and done! Made myself a new pair of fabulously light-weight fashion statement earrings. Perfect. This color combination is really good for me as it matches lots of my cloths: camel/white/black.

Took me less than it takes me to put my mascara on in the morning to make these darling new earrings. I can tell that they are going to be my favorite for a while!

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