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DIY Fun Ear-warmers with Felt Flowers : Quick Christmas Gift.

This cute woollen ear-warmer is a quick sewing project that will can be completed within half hour or so. It’s one of those crafts/DIY projects that you’ll inspire you to make a couple, so give some away and make one for yourself. This Winter, keep your ears warm. Besides toasty ears, you’ll find yourself smiling at yourself as you look into the mirror in the hall before you go out in the freezing cold. Cute, you’ll think. What a happy thought to walk out of the door with.


DIY Fun Ear-warmers with Felt Flowers

sewing pattern DIY fun ear-warmers with felt flowers, featured at

This headband is adorable, and best of all, it’s made from a woollen cardigan that was washed too warm so that it felted. Perfect re-fashion. Now she has a contemporary felt wool hairband!


Delia made several variations of her basic ear warmer design, and shows them all on her blog.



Step-by-Step Ear Sewing Tutorial:: DIY Fun Ear-warmers with Felt Flowers

Best of all, Dalia shares her tutorial with step-by-step sewing instructions, and the ear warmer pattern at DeliaCreates. In fact, there are several articles on ear warmers that explain all.

Photos by Delia

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