Travel in Style with this Free Duffel Bag Sewing Pattern – Also Fantastic Gift!

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Duffel bags still remind me of going home after a week at the university… However, they continue to be part of my life as duffel bags are just oh-so-handy to quickly fill with cloths’ n’ things for a spontaneous weekend to the coast (which we do lots, discovering ‘far away’ Italian fishermen villages, ancient mountain towns, and ‘secret’ public hot springs..)

Saturnia Italy Hot Springs

Mmmm…. vacation!!!

Let’s make a vacation bag…

Duffel Bag Sewing Pattern

duffel bag free sewing pattern

If this is going to be the first duffel bag you’ll make, be warned: it’s so easy, you’ll want to make a couple of these large duffel bags. It might even be addictive so that everyone in your family will end up having one… Which is probably a good thing, because you’ll get to become more creative as you go along.

How to make a Great Duffel bag? With Great Fabric

Your first step is to choose the right fabric! You’ll need sturdy or quilted fabric and you can find lots of great sturdy and fun fabrics here.

‘Masculine’ Fabric

Army camouflage fabric for tough guys, or… for women when combined with some roses and hot pink…

‘Feminine’ Fabric

Personally, I’m keener on feminine flair. You cannot go wrong with Amy Butler’s fabrics. I’m showing you one here, but there are a whole host of them, all gorgeous (by my standard at least)..

2: For your next great duffel bag, you’ll also need this Free Sewing Pattern

The basic free Duffel bag pattern & ‘how to’ is here in just 4 steps: cut fabric, sew on the handle strip, place the zipper, put in the two circle-sides. Done.

Polka dot handles Duffle Bag

How to Jazz Up Your Duffel Bag

  • Lovely contrast colors
  • Super-cute polka-dot handles & ties with contrast fabric on the inside of the handles
  • Finished of with a large Monogram tag.

See what I mean? Same / similar pattern, but ‘no comparison’ to the drab plain version. And, you can do this also.

Great bag on wheels

I think this just makes a fantastic Mother’s Day gift … (for yourself), once you’ve made a flexible duffel bag from Amy Butler fabric, how about complementing it with something as stylish as this Gorgeous carry-on bag on wheels. So chic.

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