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I still find it hard to imagine that there are people out there, just seemingly ordinary people like you and I, who can find drab-drama remnant dressers and make a recycled furniture piece out of them that could have been in the showroom of Restoration Hardware, Williams Sonoma or some other fancy place like that.

Take a look at RedouxInteriors.com’s project. The ‘before’, The ‘after’.

recycled furniture: awesome dresser makeover
photo credit: RedouxInteriors.com

Upcycling a Dresser

We are talking ‘total dresser transformation’ here, rather than an upgrade to a dresser with a mere lick of paint. She ripped out the two drawer-supports for this drawer-less dresser. She replaced them with one good, solid inner shelf.

And reuse, reduce, recycled: she cut the drawer runners in half and used them on either side of the dresser walls to support the new shelf. She used a contrast stain for the top. Formidable. What a metamorphosis! A brand new shelving unit with baskets that I would just adore for my kitchen.

What an inspiration.

What recycled furniture project are YOU going to tackle today?

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