Dramdram!! Prettiest Lace in Town Arrived !


Yesterday morning, another package arrived from a new generous site sponsor, Wholeport, with this gorgeous lace.

lace trim fabric green :: FineCraftGuild.com

They wondered if I’d like to use it for something?!! 

I had previously seen it in their lace catalog, and it looked nice. But in real life, well, it looks stunning. As I think you can tell in my picture… ?!

The material is gauze, which is really hard to photograph (part. indoors). Who cares about that?!

The flowers are different shades of pink, on a soft pastel green-tea colored background. The other embroidery is sort of silvery pink or silvery green. Really pretty!



Can you imagine that this extra-wide  (19 cm / 7.48") lace trim is under $3.40/yard?!! Incredible.

Can’t wait to use it now… I am going to extend a top with it. Should be gorgeous, and of course, a simple sewing project to do. Stay tuned for more pictures.


Materials Needed

‘Pink Floral Gauze Lace Trim 19cm’

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