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Yep. You get to create your own book of love….

That is: you can use it as a Valentines Book with love verses, lovely Baby Album for photos, or Affirmation Book with notes.

No matter how you’ll use it, I ‘m sharing with you the ‘how to’ for a craft a lovely scrapbook project!
love book

I started working with the original idea from scrapbooking supplier Kaisercraft and this is what I’ve come up with.

I’ve told Twitter readers  (follow me here: that I’d been working on some Love Books for Valentines Day. This is true, but actually, this particularly love book that I’m showing you here, I’m making for myself. I’m going to use it to put my affirmations in. It will be a pretty display item for my desk, keeping my affirmations both handy and private. And, as my affirmations change from time to time, I can easily unlace the book and put new affirmation sheets in.


a Love Book


love bookDownload Free Templates for Scrapbooking

Your Handmade Valentines


To download my Free LOVE Letters Template in modified Bauhause93 click this link or the image on the left, or for a larger version, click this LOVE BOOK SCRAPBOOKING TEMPLATE.

Bauhaus93 is a modern font and you’ll see that it will allow you to create a contemporary version of the romantic Love Book below.  (Not every man would like to get a flower covered love note….)

The template letters are approximately 3.5 inch high. This leaves you with the option to either double it in size so that you could include photos on the inside pages. Or you could leave it as is as a stand-alone message of love.


Scrapbooking How To Create Your Love Book

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1. Cut out the LOVE letters from our template. Glue letters onto thick recycled cardboard and cut cardboard to size.


2.  Cover each letter with fancy paper in the indicated coordinating colored papers.

You could use gorgeous scrapbooking paper, which would lead to the most sophisticated results (see image below). You could use recycled paper for a free and environmentally project.  Or plain colored craft paper. If you’d use the latter, I recommend you devise a love-themed or Valentine themed stamped pattern on each of our color craft pages. This will unify your design and create interesting detail. 

You could pick stamps that depict either love or items that say something about the person who the Love Book is for.  E.g. flowers and gardening tool stamps for the garden lover, candy stamps for a girly girl, or little poodle stamps for the pet lover.


3. I recommend you cut paper pieces that roughly cover each letter and then glue the paper pieces onto the paper. Now trim your edges with an exacto knife.


4.  Use a brown, tan, or even gold ink pad to lightly smear the edges of each letter, creating an aged and unifying effect.


5. Stack all pages. With a ruler, mark 5 holes to punch on the left of the ‘L’.  Punch holes into each of the letters at the exact same location.


6. Fill your album with photos, drawings, poem verses or other romantic items.

7. Lace up your letters in one long silk ribbon of complimentary color to your love book, or more bohemian, use 5 different pieces of scrap ribbon to do the lacing trick.


8. Finish off detailing your love book with scrapbooking elements, again of matching colors. Use embellishments that further the theme of the papers you’ve chosen.


For example: for a romantic scrapbooking look, use pastel colored papers, Rhine stones,  pearl hearts, silk flowers and similar. For a modern look, use slightly bolder colors, solid craft circles, coils and bold heart harm.


Leave me a message to share your handmade art book or valentines.


While the idea is to recycle, you might still want to browse scrapbooking supplies, and particularly scrapbooking kits, as they often hold great ideas of what yarns, charms and details to look for in your own craft room.

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