DIY ZhuZhu Pet Food


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What are Zhuzhu Pets?

Do you know? Zhuzhu pets are delightful little furry animals, that can race around the floor, go in all directions, make funky sounds when they bump into something (like ‘ohoh’). In short, they are adorable.  They started out as being just hamsters, but there are raccoons and all sorts of  little critters. Really fun.

Zhuzhu pets stimulate good imaginary child play, and come with tons of accessories, ranging from Zhuzhu pet fun houses, tunnels, slides, hamster wheels, warrior outfits to ballet costumes and crowns.






Zhuzhu Pet Food

Anyhow, once your kid has one of these animals, there comes the day that "more accessories" are urgently required.




And the one thing that you can not buy (yet) is Zhuzhu pet food.


Well, this Christmas break (or any other day for that matter), why not get creative and make your own Zhuzhu Pet Food?

We’d fun making these simply from colorful meltable plastic perler beads. A fun hour making the food and many fun hours playing with the Zhuzhu pet and his/her delicious snacks and meals.


Zhu Zhu Pet Food Designs

So simple, don’t think you need instructions. Just play. Look at the picture for design examples.

My favorite the set of bananas, ranging from green bananas to overripe bananas that are ready to become banana bread… See the fruit section on the bottom right of the food picture.



How to Use Perler Beads

  1. What you’ll need besides the perler beads themselves is Perler Ironing Fuse Paper and Perler Beads Peg Boards.
  2. Choose the right board for the main shape of the object you are making. Play around with colors and design away.
  3. Once finished designing, gently lift up the board and put it on your ironing board.
  4. Place a sheet of the iron-on fusing paper on top and with a medium-warm iron, gently press onto the bead.
    Tip:  Don’t rub (as that might undo the design below your paper) but press your iron gently, lift it up, and press it again on in a different position. Most irons do not have even heat on the ironing surface so to get your beads to melt evenly, place the iron in different directions on your project.
  5. When the beads are melted together, wait 30+ seconds before gently removing the paper.
  6. Remove the object you’ve created also from the pegboard and place it upside down on your ironing board. Again, cover with the iron-on paper and melt the other side of the object a bit. This will add to the strength of your item.


Zuzu pets go!

Buon Apetito, Zhuzhu!

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