How to Weave and Make fabulous DIY Woven Rugs with Recycled Fabric

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My forecast for 2013 is that weaving will be the next hip thing. Among some Avant-garde designers* and recyclists it has already began. Next will be Anthropologie and friends, and then the you and I.

How to weave a mat from recycled fabric

woven rugs


image credit, woven table rugs: (website in German language)

Today might as well be ‘wordless’, as this picture tells a thousand words. This is all you really need to know!

The loom that is featured here is made from a picture frame that was already constructed to make your own canvas. The only thing is, this results in a small loom. You can purchase these frame sections separately at an art store, but as a painter, I know that the larger sizes of these can be pricey. Of course, you can purchase a professional loom, but this mostly makes sense if you are going to take up weaving as a hobby. Rigid Heddle Looms are good looms for those who are seriously looking into taking up weaving.

If you want something a tat larger, then you’ll have to make your own loom in other ways.(or

Craft Tools & Supplies – DIY

  • How to Make a Loom (from a 2×4 piece of scrap wood that you can find on the street) ~ video tutorial.

Other Woven Designs w DIY Tutorials

* Remember this UK recycling designer extra-ordinaire, Barbara Challenger, the genius behind Bobbie Clothes? She taught us in a video tutorial, already a few years ago,

  • How to Make Woven, Silk Scarves & Belts. … that are absolutely fabulous, from old fabric that you have laying around.
  • She’s so inspirational, this a great video to watch, even before you start weaving little table rugs that were shown above.

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