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Fun summer recycled crafts project: Quick, Easy and Fun Candle Stick Holder with recycled soda pop bottle.  This DIY project at is written by contributing author Tammy Henderson from

Bottle filled with sand and wrapped with twine

Hi Everyone! Today, I thought it would be fun to share a fun project  using  a recycled carbonated bottle.

Bottle Candle Stick bottleWhile enjoying the rest of the summer outside, we’ve been having quite a few lovely cold beverages. That ranged from ice tea, lemonade or one of these fun carbonated drinks.

I have to admit I was taken by this drink  for it’s shape, size, but what I found more interesting is the marble inside the bottle.

Here is the fun part… opening it.

Bottle Candle Stick marble in

Peel off the seal, lift off the green cap and push down the center to release the opener.Bottle Candlestick opening2

Place the opener onto the the top of the bottle and press down firmly with your palm.

Bottle Candle Stick pusing marble

This will open the bottle by dislodging the (marble) stopper, keep pressing for 5 seconds remove the green opener from the bottle and discard.

Bottle Candle Stick opening bottle

How to Make a Recycle Bottle Candleholder

After enjoying the beverage this is where the recycled comes to play:

  1. Wash and Remove the labeling from the bottle.
  2. Wrap some jute around the top and bottom portion of your bottle.
  3. Fill with sand and add a candle to make a unique one of a kind Candle Stick Holder.

How to create a Table Centerpiece with your Recycled Bottle Candleholder

Tada. May this picture speak for itself! It builds upon the various vignette layering techniques explained in prior articles. See below.

Bottle filled with sand and wrapped with twine

Here I used the recycled bottle candle holder in a summer nautical Tablescape that I shared over at my blog One More Time Events. But you could also use and decorate it in any theme you desire like maybe for a Christmas Candlestick wrapping it with some silver or gold twine and filling it with some Epson Salt to look like snow.



glamour diy home vignettes with recycled materials

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