These DIY upcycled earrings with wire spirals use old studs

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This week I have a super-awesome DIY Upcycled Earrings with Wire Spirals tutorial for you — the feature of this week’s linky party entries.


DIY Upcycled Earrings
DIY Upcycled Earrings

By Rena from

These wings can be worn in front of the ear, or behind the ear lobe for a different loop. All this is, folks, is a wire metal whirl that you can pair with any regular pair of stud earrings! So cool!

Rena uses a 5 inch piece of .04 inch-thick art wire that she folds over asymmetrically, and then curls each side with round-nose pliers. But hey, go wild and match the type of wire and the length and extend of the curl to your own fancy. I think that daintier stud earrings would benefit from thinner wire, for example.

Anyhow, credit to Rena, to think of this novel way to get some new use and some new looks out of some worn out, and upcycle a tat boring earrings!

As you can see here, it does not matter much if you have a silver stud and then add a copper wire wing. The reality is that you never look at the front and the back of an earring at the same time, right!?!

Congratulations to Rena for being featured !!!!!

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