DIY Tutorial – Personalized Bags w Inkodye Photo Transfer

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:: how to create photo transfers onto fabric to create personalized bags ::

Never heard of Inkodye? Me neither. But I discovered that Inkodye is one of the simplest way to permanently print fabric, and I sure love that. It is a permanent, water-based fabric dye that’s activated by the sun. When dyed areas are exposed to sunlight, they turn bright colors. Meanwhile, the unexposed areas of your print remain unchanged.


Fun hey?!!


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How to use this dye for craft projects? "Well, it’s easy to make shadow prints on dyed surfaces by blocking light with placed objects — leaves, doilies, and safety pins work well. " explains Jessica from How About Orange.


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You can also use photo negatives to create photographic prints, and that’s the project shown here. This is what you’ll need:

  1. Jessica used this blue Inkodye to make her personalized bags. There are also other colors however.
  2. Canvas, but just simple cotton fabric of any kind will do.
  3. A high-contrast digital photo that’s rather bold.
  4. Printable inkjet transparency film and an Inkjet printer
  5. Foam brush is ideal but any brush or roller will do

Some general household supplies, such as a small cup, a portable waterproof work surface such as a plastic tray or, as Jessica suggests a cardboard wrapped with a plastic trash bag works well; some tape to tape the canvas down to the surface, a paper towel for blothing excess dye, water, fabric detergent. Last but not least, and we’ll have plenty of it this summer, you’ll need SUNLIGHT.


How to Make Your Own Personalized Bags or Pouches w Inkodye

A. For the detailed tutorial on how to use Inkodye, hop over to Jessica’s tutorial, which is here +

B. Here are detailed zippered toiletry bags | pouch patterns.

Image credit: Jessica, from How about Orange




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