DIY Tutorial Stairs


How To Make Your Own Luxury Staircase in Your Hallway. This idea of link lists instead of pages and pages of image is growing on me. Now I feel it’s time to start building some categories, so that it’s easy to find things and to borrow ideas from each other.

My Contribution to the ** ALL ABOUT STAIRS **  DIY, HOME DECOR & Craft Party

I recently featured a make-over project of an old rundown stairs which was transformed into a deluxe staircase. I thought it was an amazing project.

stairs after  
Luxury Stairs Transformation

Organizing with Baskets

Since then, I’ve spotted lots more very creative stairs ideas, and will soon do a feature on hand-painted stairs…. But first, I’d like to see your input into this…. Ever done a stairs or hallway decoration | transformation project?

Your Contribution to the STAIRS DIY, HOME DECOR & Craft Party

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