DIY Suzani Rugs

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Can you imagine this gorgeous suzani rug being a DIY IKEA hack? Me neither.

Yes, it’s a bit advanced, but 2013 we can handle a bit more advanced projects, can’t we? I have about a dozen of unique articles on this blog on ‘how to make your own rugs’. These are easy rugs. Click link for list of projects with illustrations and rug making tutorials.

Today I want to put the spotlight on Pam, who made this incredible suzani rug. On her blog, Simple Details, Pam shares her home decorating and decor projects in her stylish home, and suzani rug being one of them. The rug is easy enough to make, but a tat more ‘involved’. As she explained, it has costed her hours working with stencils and laying and laying of details as she moved further into the process of designing this rug. Kind of like how one can see a painting develop.

But it all is so worth it! And no doubt, this is a fun rug to make. So, rather than being a difficult-to-make rug, this DIY rug project requires a bit of planning and measuring. As well as patience, because painting takes time, even when you use stencils. And in a way, this is a large, detailed painting that you put on the floor.

However, you will be happy in the end: you’ll have made yourself a gorgeous handmade rug!

DIY Suzani Rug (the ‘after’)

diy suzani rugs

Basic IKEA Rug (the ‘before’)

ikea rugs

< $25 Hessum rug. Natural fiber. COMPLETELY transformed.

Inspired?  Wanna try?

rug stenciling diy

Photo credit | learn the how-to : ‘Simple Details’ blog.

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