Luxury DIY Stairs


Some people just do things very well. Miriam & Daniel, i.e.  the couple who are the proud owners of this stairs make-over, did things* very well, and the results is a luxury stair case, that’s a jewel in their home.

(*Even their tutorial is done very well, and concludes with a list of tips befitting all home renovators, including tips to transform your stairs into an oak staircase. )


Definitely Undesirable Stairs


*  Old worn OSB treads to be ripped out.

*  Old OSB risers to be covered.

AFTER – DIY Stairs

An amazing transformation to designer stairs! This staircase belongs to a luxury home.

stairs_after stairs_after_prudent projects


Features of the Staircase Transformation

* Choose MFD pre-fabricated stair treads with rounded edge

* Treads received 3 coats of a very dark chocolate brown paint

* Each tread was measured and  cut length of each tread to size with a table saw

* Glued each thread in position, with ‘Hard as nails’-glue, and screws were added & masked

* Next came the bead board, glued and nailed onto the old risers.

* Recommended to now add the trim on either side at this stage.

* Extra paint & chaulking finished this project off to a PRO result.

Tutorial Source & DIY Stairs Tips:  Prudent Projects

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