How to make a DIY Sock Puppet

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To add to your list of oh-so cool kids crafts for summer: how to make Recycled Sock Puppets DIY tutorial recycled sock crafts :: sock puppet :: summer kids crafts | DIY Sock PuppetThis recycled sock craft (suits new single socks just as well!) is something that suits kids at all ages. Their drawing skills will determine how they will draw their puppets but the fun to be had is about the same.

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How To Make a DIY Sock Puppet – Step by step tutorial

1. Cut off the sock at the heel section.

recycled sock crafts :: sock puppet :: summer kids crafts

2. Give your kids some markers (oh and some glitter glue if you wish… to add ‘stuff’) and let them draw a puppet that is about the size of their hand. The feet of the puppet should be at the wrist level.

recycled sock crafts :: diy sock puppet :: summer kids crafts

3. (With your help), let them cut two little slits for the puppet arms.  If you want your head to be a bit firmer (if your doll turns out to be a bit bigger than the kids hand it is going around, put a hand kerchief or a bit of scrap in it to give it a bit of body.

4. Play.

Great to make a bunch of them and have them play a puppet show in the back yard with each other using an old box as a theater frame. Actually, I have a sample design puppet theater frame you can use. Voila: Instant kid fun.

Great Toy Doll Make from An Old Sock

Isn’t this a great little girl doll? I love it. Move your fingers around in your sock to to make funny faces… And you can let your puppets talk of course and make all kinds of movements.

recycled sock crafts :: diy sock puppet :: summer kids crafts

Keep them in the car after initial excitement, as they make for great vacation car ride entertainment also… (Just in case you wonder how to keep the kids entertained on the long car rides in your vacation…)

Have a hip, fun & happy summer day. With the kids… or without of course… Winking smile

What else to do with old socks / single socks?

Make a great and girly  iPhone pouch. Also good for other digital gadgets, ear plugs, wires & other accessories for your table / iPad, iPod etc..

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