DIY Recycled Shutters as Magazine Racks

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Love this. DIY Recycled Shutters as magazine rack is one of the best recycled shutters decorating ideas I’ve seen! Fancy owning this recycled shutter magazine rack? I want to own one. Teal / aqua/ Robin egg blue happen to be my favorite paint color range, so this shutter caught my eye.

As an aside: aqua always makes me feel like I’m on a tropical island. Love that color, particularly now that it’s snowing and literally freezing. Heck, in countryside Rome, Italy, it is colder than Vancouver, Canada!

DIY Recycled Shutters as Magazine Rack

Quick 1,2,3 ‘How To’ to Make Your Own Magazine Rack:

(quick sum-up in my words here, but the details are on Gail’s blog!!!!)

Yes, it’s easy, but there is a bit of work involved here:

1. Remove every other slate by using a dremmel (*: see below) which is a tool that does flat cuts on either side of the shutter frame.

2. Sand, prime and spray-paint.

3. Add whirl at the top.

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Materials & Tools Needed to Make Your Own Recycled Shutters Magazine Racks

Note 1: You can remove the shutter slates by either snapping the ones to be removed with the claw end of a hammer, or by using a dremmel.

The dremmel – method leaves you with neat slates which  can be re-used in another project.  The hammer-method leaves you with a pile of firewood.

Note 2: the dremmel also includes a sanding component, so you can use it to sand down the frame.

  • Primer & spray paint in desired color
  • A Silhouette Cameo to create gorgeous vignettes in a snap. Gorgeous and professional, like the one here in black at the top of the shutter.

I am summing it all up here in simple terms but Gail is detailing it at her blog with tips and hints Have a look at it!

Source of these wonderful shutters decorating ideas: Gail, from ‘My Repurposed Life’ (BTW. This is a great blog. You’ll love it. Lots of repurposed home decorating & recycled furniture project ideas).

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