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Happy Monday! Time for a gorgeous home decorating DIY by Tammy Henderson. Tammy gave me a big surprise when I showed me photos of the DIY home décor tutorial that she had prepared for us. Lots of photos of splendid DIY Seashell Centerpieces, made with w/ capiz shells, sand and glass!

Again, these beautiful summer decorations were created with Tammy Henderson’s personal signature: ever so easy, using mostly what you already have, attention to details, and just a few tricks and tips to make it so professional. Best, Tammy is going to show how to make your own gorgeous capiz seashell rosette.

This display ought to be on our list of projects of fabulous DIY coastal cottage ideas and projects, to give your home that summer beach-look, even thousands of miles away from the shore.

How to create a ‘Summer Beach Cottage’ Look with DIY Seashell Center- pieces

DIY Home Décor – Beach Cottage Summer Arrangements -  Shell Flowers -

Today I would like to share with you a seashell summer centerpiece using what you may already have and some very inexpensive and recycled items to create and bring some summer fun inside your home.

A lot of you may have a seashell collection and have probably placed them in some sort of jar or bowl…. Why not display and arrange them in a floral arrangement in a decorative bowl. If you want to add capiz shells to your seashell centerpiece, you can find them here: Capiz Shells (about $14/100 shells but prices may vary ).

Seashell Centerpiece Ideas
Step-By-Step Home Decorating Tutorial

I chose to use a green bowl to bring out the color of the ocean, but you can do this using any bowl you may have.

DIY Home Décor – Beach Cottage Summer Arrangements -  Shell Flowers -

Sort out your seashells and your capiz shells  largest to the smallest.

Summer Shell Centerpiece DIY Home Décor – Beach Cottage -
Summer Shell Centerpiece DIY Home Décor – Beach Cottage -

Add sand to the bottom of the bowl .

Summer Shell Centerpiece DIY Home Décor – Beach Cottage -

arranging and place your the largest capiz shells in the sand around the outer edge of your bowl.  Working towards the middle. Place& the next layer of Capiz shells in between the first layer of the capiz  shells.

Summer Shell Centerpiece arrangement 2nd layer - DIY Home Décor – Beach Cottage -

Continue to layer until you reach the middle.

Summer Shell Centerpiece arrangement 3rd layer - DIY Home Décor – Beach Cottage -

Add your latest seashells in between the layers to not only add interest, but this also will help you separate your shell petals.

DIY Wedding | Home Décor – Beach Cottage DIY Seashell Centerpieces Ideas -

Place shells in between the layers of capzi shells.

Once you have achieved the look you want place your smaller seashells in the middle to create the center of your flower arrangement.

Summer Shell Centerpiece4
Summer Vignette stand

Tip:  to add height to my DIY seashell centerpieces, I place the bowls on twig pedestals adorned with some green glass elements.

The Full Shell Arrangement

DIY Wedding | Home Décor – Beach Cottage DIY Seashell Centerpieces Ideas -

The nice thing about arranging your capiz shells and seashells  in sand is you can move and finalize your arrangement to perfection.

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Xo Tammy

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Tammy enjoys the challenge of reinventing her décor. She’s great at figuring out how to make something out of ‘nothing’. To her, all ‘left-overs’ have a purpose. So her urge to recycle |reuse | revamp | redecorate | remodel, creatively and beautifully, is natural. And that shows.

Tammy is the living proof that decoration with what you have | recycled materials, plus maybe a small budget for craft supplies, can create beautiful results. When you walk through her house and her garden, as displayed in her blog, you see a tastefully decorated place that has personality and a sense of home.

Tammy used to own a retail scrapbooking business and her blog is that ‘One More Time’ love affair with the creative world. While her emphasis at ‘One More Time’ blog is on decorating, at the FineCraftGuild she shares her how-to’s and gives us more than a little peak on how things are put together. And yes, all of these beautiful photos above are all hers!

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