Make your deck cozy with this DIY rustic Fall garland!

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This endearing DIY rustic Fall garland was shown in one of our link-up parties and I instantly knew I wanted to showcase it.  This seasonal banner is a splendid example of how to make a rich, full home décor splash on a zero dollar budget.

DIY rustic Fall garland banner tutorial

photo credit: Felicia Kramer


5 Tips to a perfect DIY Decorative Fall Banner

1. Stick to a seasonal color scheme.

Felicia choose a wide range of natural Fall colors: from burgundy to oranges and softer orange yellows. She complemented this main color scheme with browns, darker blues and darker greens.

2. Mix and Match.

Felicia actually used a wide range of materials here in her Fall banner.  She used up quilting fabrics, some home decorating items such as spray painted plastic leaves and berries, as well as natural pine cones.  She used things like distress ink to blend the colors and textures better.

3. Repeat, consistently.

This decorative Fall banner has an alternating pattern of fabric banner swatches and hanging pine cones.

4. Include whimsy & fun.

Each fabric swatch is adorned with a fun, tied ribbon.   All the fabric patterns are mixed and match, for a cheer look.

5. Choose a theme. 

Felicia’s theme is all around color-changing Fall leaves and nature references. Other suitable Fall themes include: Halloween: e.g. witches, cobwebs, ghosts; or, Harvest: pumpkins, corns, apples, etc. Even color schemes, such as browns-beiges; or white –yellow-orange, the colors of candy corns, offer a happy & homey reference to the Fall season.

How to DIY Rustic Fall Garland – a Step-by-step Tutorial

To learn how to make Felicia’s decorative Fall banner, follow this link: Felicia Kramer. She tells you banner flag sizes, fabric needs and the lot. (


photo credit: Felicia Kramer

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