Humble Rosemary Wreath smells Wonderful & Promotes Health

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Learn how to make yourself a friendly & fresh smelling rosemary wreath, to give a 100% natural cheer to any place you wish to hang it.

Ah, Easter wreaths, Spring wreaths, anytime of the year wreaths. I love them all! i JUST revised this post with 10 verrryyy pretty Easter Wreaths. And on that overview page, I will add just one more. A humble wreath … that smells AMAZING! This Rosemary Wreath.

On this beautiful Spring day here in Brighton, UK, I decided it was time to trim back this overgrown rosemary bush in our backyard a bit, as it has been blocking our views of the lovely blue flowers behind it.

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Once I started clipping a bit, it daunted on me: wreath! I must make a wreath out of these. I have previously cut a couple of small bunches that I ‘d tied up and hung around the house to ward off those evil spirits and took keep the house scented nice and fresh.

Today, I was determined to make a wreath out of my clippings.

Step by step tutorial on how to make a Rosemary Wreath

1. First of all, I cheat: I use a hand-made wreath of olive tree branches as a base. I made tons of these when I lived in Italy. The local farmers thought I was crazy, as, well, real country Italians don’t make wreaths from their olive tree branches. They burn them instead on the edge of their land. There are just too many branches, and they are too small for their fireplace, so they make a bon fire. And they don’t even stay around to roast some marshmallows. Oh, I know, such wastage! Anyhow, I rescued loads of branches of their fate and brought a few of my wreaths with me to the UK. Much to my enjoyment today, as that makes wreath making so easy. You can cheat too and get yourself a branch wreath base. Something like this one here (HANDMADE NATURAL GRAPEVINE WREATH 12″ plain ), which you can order online for $5.  Or, make your own from whatever branches/vines you have in your neck of the woods.

2. Separate your clippings and make them all about the same size. Some might be a bit longer than others but not real long. Lay your clippings around your wreath till you have an even distribution.

wreath_decorated_fcg3.  Attach a strand of gardeners or florist wire to your base wreath.  Stick the end of each clipping into your branch wreath and make a loop with your florist wire over the branch to secure it in place. In actuality, I  secured a couple of branches at the same time. When you have used up all your clippings your wreath should be even and full looking.

4. Optional: you might want to add some themed embellishments. This is what my rosemary wreath looked like adorned with a white felt rose with bow as a fun Spring accent (Learn how to make a felt bow & rose).

I added the rose ornament before I hung the wreath on my garden fence. When it hung there, it said; “I belong here!!!”  Garden fences and pretty ribbons don’t go together in my opinion, so my wreath is happy, au natural.

Benefits of Having Rosemary Around

Besides warding off evil witches (medieval superstition and folklore), the aroma of rosemary does actually keep bugs out of your house. It is also a fresh scent. Hence it is perfect to have rosemary bushes as well as some of these glorious rosemary wreaths nearby your front and back doors.

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