DIY river rock mats: easy project to keep things tidy and clean


:: Splendid entryway organizing idea : mess and clutter control at the kitchen back door mats made with pebbles ::

Spring is usually wet and rainy. We all know how wet boots make water stains.  And how water stains are a nightmare to get rid of. No worries no more. If you haven’t made yourself a fantastic recycled cork mat yet, you may want to try making some river rock mats instead.  It takes about 2 seconds to put a mat together.

river rock kitchen rugs

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River Rocks Mat DIY Materials Needed

Talk about cheap rugs, mats don’t come much cheaper than this! It may be time consuming to collect the materials, but it will be most enjoyable also.

You’ll need a trip to the river to pick up your pebbles. But the pebbles will be free. Bumbling around at the river is what will cost you most of your time.

Then, you’ll need to spend some time on rummaging at garage sales to buy some used trays just waiting to be recycled by you. You can find many used trays for a mere $1 each.

No time?

Check if you have any river rocks left over from your outdoor firepit – project. If not, then of course, it is simplest to buy your materials online here, and that’s still very affordable. Buy these gorgeous black river rocks inexpensively. Plus, buy any of the ’00s of trays to choose from.

Order both together. You’ll have all you’ll need to make this stain control, mudroom organizing river rock mat. 

Tutorial on how to make a River Rocks Mat in 2 seconds:

  1. Pour rocks in tray, and make it sort of even.
  2. Place tray near the front door. Voila. River rock mats.
Mat Making Preparation

Actually, I would take a few extra steps, beforehand:

-1. I would treat the tray inside with a sealer to prevent it from rusting.

0. I would also place furniture felt pads under the trays to prevent the trays from scratching your wooden floor. This is not needed if you have carpet in your hallway however.

Where to put your River Pebbles Mat?

While these river rock filled trays are perfect indoor outdoor rugs for a porch or in the hallway entrance, they make perfect kitchen mats for near the back door.

Thinking creatively, how about making an extra one for a Zen Spa bathroom idea?!

I’m sort of spring boarding of the more expensive option of making a river rock shower floor…: Pebble mats would make a great complement to eco-friendly bathroom rugs made from old towels. They’ll act as opposites: the pebbles massage your feet while you stand on the rocks and dry off your feet. Then you step onto your super-soft fluffy terry bath mat after that. Am I crazy or what?

DIY river rocks mats companion: eco bath rug -- free tutorial

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First published in May 4, 2013. Updated in 2024.

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