DIY Postcard Journal Calendar

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Need a new calendar for 2018? Need a new journal for 2018?  Don’t buy anything. Instead, create a DIY Postcard Journal Calendar instead.  Here’s how.

DIY Postcard Journal Calendar

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The idea is based on a perpetual postcard calendar that I spotted a few years ago y Asley from ‘Under the Sycamore. She showed this really sweet perpetual calendar / journal idea at  I want to share it with you today.

Daily Journaling Made Easy


Pretty, huh?!


Daily Journal Kept Up

“Growing up, I kept a daily journal. I always enjoyed looking back at previous entries to see what had changed over the course of a year.

These days, I can’t seem to find the time to journal, but I do try to jot down a little note from each day on my perpetual calendar/journal.

The idea is very simple — flip to the current date and at the end of the day, write down something that happened. Some days it is big things like “Annie took her first steps.”  explained Asley about her calendar / journal idea.


I instantly loved this journal box, as it underpins a core philosophy of how we live our lives. What we do instead is this: every evening before sleeping we reflect and state our ‘best part of the day’.  It’s a great way of falling asleep full of gratitude and happiness for life itself.

However, with some exceptions, we don’t write these ‘best parts of life’ down. For this reason, I personally like the idea of making this not-t00-involved calendar journal to keep a record of our lives.



How to Create a Calendar Journal

To make a line-a-day rather than page-a-day calendar:

  • stack of vintage postcards, or pretty postcards that make you happy or decorated scrapbooking cards;
  • date stamp, or a fine steady hand for DIY calligraphy letters;
  • simple index cards: white or colored;
  • a recycled box; and
  • a paper guillotine to cut the index cards to size.

That’s it, plus

  • a pen for writing.




I might create a perpetual calendar journal as a soulful XMAS gift for my hubby, using 100% recycled images & stuff, in a theme that will inspire him.  We have so much art, graphic material and recyclable paper goods  laying around, I’m sure it will be easy.



Journal versus Calendar

As it’s January I know that YOU may be in need of a ‘regular’ calendar.

To create a ‘regular’ calendar for appointments based on this idea is ever-so-easy. Just add the year to each page. like January 8, 2018, and use a page per day.  And there you have your desk calendar.

That brings me to the next point …



Digital Calendars

For a handi-dandy carry-around-calendar, I love with my iPhone.

I have downloaded tons of free eBooks, audio books, music, how-to-reference material (like eBooks on advanced knitting stitches) and other practical tools ~ it’s incredible the value, and I got all of it free!

If you don’t have one already, DO look into getting one, particularly if you live in the US. An iPhone is the best deal for a frugal-minded-gal. (Quite a ‘statement’ for someone who dislikes gadgets in general, and who prefers naturals and organics.)

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