How to DIY Pompom Rugs to snuggle by the fireplace

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Can’t really knit nor crochet? Then this DIY pompom rug is YOUR kind of ‘crochet’ rug. In pastels, this pompom rug could be a baby room rug or a bathroom rug. But in bold bright reds, this certainly is the kind of rug to get cozy on in front of the fireplace. And in tiny blue-white balls or even sisal balls, this technique could make unique kitchen rugs. Get my drift? The materials and colors determine its use.

So, now go make your rug, your way. It’s easy to make with this free pompom rug pattern.

My 1, 2, 3 How-to Make this Rug tutorial

1.  Choose complementary or harmonious yarn colors.Of course, this is a fabulous rug to incorporate bits and pieces of leftover yarn, which is one of the main readers I am featuring this rug here.

2.  Learn how to make pompoms. Make about 225 pompoms that are the same size.

3. Use burlap, an old t-shirt, or best of all, (anti-slip) rug canvas as the base for the rug and while arranging the colors in pleasing combinations, attach the pompoms to the rug base.

Rug Dimensions

This rug here has the same softness as a high pole rug. The bigger you make the pompoms the cozier this rug will be. Personally I might choose a little smaller pompoms, and make a bigger rug.

Materials Needed

How much yarn you’ll need depends on the size of pompoms and the size of rug you are after. As a guide, for pompoms that are about 4.5”,  and a rug that is about 30 x 30” you’ll need 31 skeins of  worsted weight yarn, whereby each skein is 3.5 oz (100) each, giving you 170 yards (156m) per skein of yarn.

Handy Tool: you can use a Extra Large Pom Pom Maker for this project. #ad

Learn: How to make a pom pom out of yarn

For the Rug Base: choose from a range of sizes of rug canvas.

This rug making project is suitable for people who love pompoms, and who love something to do while watching TV, or have otherwise lots of time

  • These pompoms are not suitable for cats who love to play with the pompoms, potentially pulling your whole rug apart.

Get Your Pom Pom Rug Pattern

This pompom rug is from an interesting DIY book, Craftivity: 40 Projects for the DIY Lifestyle, which contains the real, full tutorial on how to make this rug. 

Besides this fabulous pompom rug, this book includes DIY projects ranging from simple felted flower brooches to knit lampshades.

Self-described, this book is a guide to creating ‘fresh, fabulous, fun craft from yarn, fabric, paper and wood’.

 ‘Oh the fun to be had’, said Cat in the hat.

If you (like me) collect bits and pieces with great plans of revamping these into fabulous interior design pieces or fashion statements, than you will love this book.

Pompom Rug Making Video tutorial

Some people are just so visual, that I thought to just add a video tutorial on making a square pompom rug. I so love this rug making project in general, because you can make loads of individual pompoms ahead on the go (while travelling by bus, on the train, at the doctor’s office, etc) and then later join all the pompom onto your rug canvas. Such a fast, fun and easy DIY rug!

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