DIY Pompom Christmas Tree

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I am adding this fabulous tutorial for a DIY pompom Christmas tree to my list of ideas and tutorials for alternative Christmas trees to decorate your home with.

The sight of this easy, homemade Christmas tree just makes me happy. I just love its ‘non-traditional’ nature. Plus the happy, abundant – and dare I say summer – colors!

In fact, I think I want this tree as decoration to motivate me when I make my ‘Christmas in July’ presents and doing prep work.

 DIY Pompom Christmas Tree
DIY Pompom Christmas Tree

photo credit: Jared Smith

Beyond this, I see this DIY Pompom Christmas tree as being an easy & fast DIY, portable, leaves no needle mess, and cheap to make.  What is not to love about this Christmas tree?!

Find the tutorial at; Essentially you’ll need a tomato plant stand, lots of balls, balloons, tissue paper to the size of the pompoms and  a glue gun.  

If you ever wondered ‘What can I do instead of a Christmas tree?’ A pompom tree is your answer. This certainly is not anything less than a life tree. In fact, it follows all the rules of how to make a Christmas tree more expensive: it features large and small ‘balls’, and it has an incredible amount of dazzle about it.

Note that it extends out on the floor! So, instead of a tree skirt, you can see that you can simply use more balloons and balls and avoid needing a wrap skirt.

So, be on trend, be green, and have fun making a pompom tree!  I love sharing Easy DIY Christmas Ideas. These pompom trees are so much fun to make yourself. With the kids of course.

And while you’re at it, consider making a pompom Christmas tree garland to match your tree, to hang on the other side of the room.

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