DIY Pillows – Recycled Sweaters as Home Decor


Besides featuring a wonderful way to make DIY Pillows  recycled sweaters are given a new life –  I also have a personal announcement to make: I have moved!

As you can see in the picture, I have moved out, but not yet moved in. LOL!!! So forgive me if I am brief today with my write-up of the feature and the party ….

DIY Pillows Recycled Sweaters -- DIY pillows for my new home
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Mary, from In the Boondocks, Featured at

This is Mary from In the Boondocks

This Week’s Party Feature are Mary’s DIY Pillows – Recycled Sweaters

I just love DIY pillows in general, and this fun knitted bolster pillow is no different. Mary adds a free pattern / how-to instructions.

DIY Pillows Recycled Sweaters
DIY Pillows – Recycled Sweaters, as new decor

How to make your DIY Pillows – Recycled Sweaters get a new life!

Using recycled sweaters is just one way that Mary has made thrifty DIY pillows. Previously she showed us how to use a fringed scarf and other scraps of fabric to make her home just so cozy!

Go check it out at The The Boondock’s Blog !


More Recycled Sweater DIYs

If you are in the mood for recycled sweater DIY-‘s, be sure to also check out the recycled wool sweater lamp that I featured before and the recycled sweater rug for your bedroom. Oh, and there’s also an article on How to make an embellished recycled sweater blanket. Well, that should keep you all busy for a while.

And if not enough, you can always browse our Decorative Pillows – section for other creative ideas also.

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