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The original idea of the designers of ‘The Glamourai’ was to showcase high-end jewelry of such famous designers like Bulgari and David Yurman with fun DIY party tiaras & crowns.

Well, their designs sure came out right and inspired me!  What a fun ‘New Years’ Eve party-activity- potential.


How to Make a Tiara with Rag pipes, Scraps, Stickers & Pompoms

Wouldn’t you love to be at a party  and create handmade tiaras from glittery rag pipe cleaners, pompoms and little girls stickers, toys, and if you have, some ‘high end’ jewelry ready to glamorise you while you celebrate getting into the year ahead.

15 minutes play and tada: we can all wear personalized tiaras, ready to celebrate the New Year! Great crowns for little girls and ‘big girls’ alike!

party tiaras diy

Photo credit for these fun party tiaras  goes to:  The, found via, one of the bloggers I love, and to whom I want to give a big virtual ‘thank-you’ hug, for having been so great this year!

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