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There’s just something about those pallet planks that captures everyone’s imagination. I feel I have a huge collection of ideas here already on what to do with pallets: how to make pallet furniture, how to make a pallet garden fence, how to make pallet bathroom wall, how to make a pallet garden planter, and so many other pallet DIY projects (see links below). So, to add an article on pallet deck on my blog, it has to be a special. And I think this deck is a bit special…

By way of introduction….. 

I know most of you are in the US, but as you know, I moved to London. Don’t hold it against me. The weather here has been sensational! Fabulously sunny! Hot even. And this is England. I thought it was suppose to rain here. Always.

Well, we did have rain lots earlier in the year, which is why the garden is the lushest and greenest I have ever had!! Here’s a photo to proof it. It is a close-up of the center –section of my garden, which is just one giant bed with classic English wildflowers in all shades of blue and violet.  Doesn’t it look enchanting?!


A pure sun weekend! 
We were outdoors. A lot.
Almost constantly so.
Celebration of life!

There’s stone path between the front patio and the one at the back. The patio at the front has pretty slate tiles. However, the one at the back is an ugly cement slab. It needs ‘something’. And I think it needs a DIY pallet deck.

One like this pallet deck.


This is pallet deck that is made industrial pallets and 2×4’s in between the planks for additional sturdiness, visual interest and duh… so you won’t fall through the cracks.  Pretty designer-ish in this duo-tone. I love the contrast.

This looks like an extremely easy DIY. You can see in the photo that the 2×4’s are just hammered in. This got to be the easiest way to make a deck from pallets. Much better than taking the pallet planks off and hammering them back in, tightly side-by-side.

image source: photo by Meli from Meli & Friends at Home, of a home & garden show in Scandinavia. Gjennestad, a Norwegian gardening school, gets the credit for the deck.


Another pallet deck design I really like is this porch:


photo credit: Redo – Redux

As far as porch or patio pallet decks go, this pallet deck is also a winner. Length-wise application of low quality timber seems the norm. Which makes this parquet-way of laying the planks a more unique use of the pallet wood.

I like how this pallet deck design goes with a wider range of furniture. Here it is with an old fashioned rocking chair. but I can equally see how some lovely lounge chairs and a porch sofa would work fabulous here.

Not that I have the space for all that furniture… but we can all dream, right??  A small version of this would be just-right for us.  A typical construction might be 2 x 4 frames measuring 4ft2 with 5/4 x 6 deck boards. How about a third of that in size for us? That’s probably just right and will still fit 2 deck lounge chairs.






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