Want some unique DIY Wooden Pallet crafts? Make this Princess Bedroom

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DIY Wooden Pallet Crafts | Making your own recycled pallet bed headboard does not mean just put a pallet straight up and call it a day. Now I have a challenge for you: make yourself a recycled pallet bed headboard with pallets, driftwood and garage sale finds, that is a match to this bed found in a top Brazilian eco-hotel.

It make you just swoon.

DIY Wooden Pallet Crafts - quarto-da-oliveira-princesa3-1

If you want to check out this room, it’s called the ‘Quarters of Princess Oliviera’. How cool is that?  Gorgeous ‘Snow white’ wall mirrors.  They paired the rustic pallet & drift wood bed with a modern table and in- bedroom potbelly stove, a stack of rustic firewood and a hand crocheted bedcover, that is … darling. 


Perfect Eclectic Bedroom Furniture

Leave to the world’s top hotel designers whose eco-solutions combine with nature, or… well, try it for yourself.

This headboard idea is not hard to implement. It requires ingenuity and a managed control of a handsaw. That’s it. YOU can.  Also be sure to properly weather your wood (or  visit the beach), stop by the thrift store for some funky lighting like this pineapple lamp in the center of the bed headboard, pick up some blackboard paint from the garage, and give that saved chandelier finally some good use. 

Voila. A perfect shabby chic ensemble!


Be creative this weekend!

image credit: https://www.areiasdoseixo.com

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