Craft these DIY Painted Feathers for uniquely whimsical home decor

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This craft project is so up my alley! Just this morning, I found another feather in my garden, and thought, I should paint this. Yesterday, I walked by a bunch of super bright colored feathers I had bought to make these cute Cupid Arrows with. I spotted an orange feather and thought, this would make a great necklace pendant. I should do that.

DIY painted Feathers

diy painted feathers

And today I spotted this post by FreePeople, on how to paint feathers, and it is all coming together. They also make great tassels to hang from door handles, and they look good at garlands in the wind in the garden, oh, and not to mention, cut them short and add them as a whimsical element to your fringed handbag. Or pop one on your summer head or tuck one in your hair. All just perfect.

DIY painted Feathers – The How-to

OK. Here’s how you paint feathers: take some cheap acrylic paint and a brush, and paint away. Yes, it’s that simple. Use good color combinations and add black and white for high contrast and a tribal look. Or, for ombre paint work, simple add a bit of water before you make the next stripe. Yes, this is really as easy as that. You might want to give an undercoat of white, if needed. And you may wish to wait a little between color stripes so they don’t smudge.

I love feathers. To me, they symbolize freedom! Whoohoo! What are you doing today? Will you paint feathers with me?? Show me your work if you do.

image credit : FreePeople – they used faux feathers BTW. The nice thing about these is that you don’t have to wash and dry them prior to use. Note: be sure to read up on bird diseases in your local area before collecting local feathers.

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