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DIY natural arrangement | Showing off what’s in the garden is just so easy for  a joyful summer table flower arrangement.  Tammy from One More Time Events shares another table centerpiece using recycled glass filled with greens.

When I do this myself at home, I usually aim for lots and lots of color. However, seeing how classy ‘all green’ can look, perhaps I should go for subtle hues to create a indoor calm oasis.

So, over to Tammy. Let’s see how she put her natural arrangement together.

“Using natural elements to create a centerpiece is one of my favorite things to do.  It’s free,  its fast and easy when I want to bring the outside in.  In my opinion there is nothing like a beautiful green bouquet of naturals arranged in clear glass vases.

DIY natural arrangement – Endless options

Natural Centerpiece arranged

Sometimes just a few pieces from the yard can lend you more than you think.  You love them in your yard, why not enjoy some inside by placing them in a group using a variation of glass vases in different shapes and heights by grouping them together.

Natural Centerpiece Green - DIY natural arrangement
Glass vases

Whether they be a over grown shrub or maybe something that  your not quite sure if it’s a weed, but you love the shape of it and it brings interest to your natural centerpiece, clip it and bring it in.  You’ll find that when it comes to making a DIY natural arrangement, the options are simply endless and entirely up to your taste and the greens you have at hand.

TIP: Using a wooden charger for the base of the arrangement not only gives you something to build on, but also gives a natural feel to carry your natural centerpiece.

Grouping Your Glass Vases for the Arrangement

Grouping your vases:  Using a urn vase for the center and building around it with  tallest to the back, medium size to the sides and the smallest to the front   and tucked between the middle pieces.

Finding vases and other glass pieces can be found at thrift stores next to nothing in cost, or shop your  home, you will be surprised at what you have that can be incorporated into a one of a kind centerpiece for your home.

Building your natural elements:  While shopping your yard look for some high and low pieces of greenery.

Filling your Glass Vase Arrangement

Arranging: Once you have arranged your glass vases, taking the longest pieces of your greens. Place your longest pieces in the tallest vases first and then build the rest according to height.  Play around with it until you get the look you are satisfied with. Add Water this will help keep your centerpiece fresh until you next time you shop your yard. 

Natural Centerpiece Step1
Natural Centerpiece Water
Natural Centerpiece table

Thank you for letting me share… I hope you  enjoyed this post as much as I did putting it together for you. “

Till Next Post….Xo Tammy

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