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Oh, you are going to all love me for this tutorial to make moss covered pots and garden planters! Did you know that you can quickly make moss covered pots by applying just one simple recipe? Go figure! Even if you live in the newest apartment, you can quickly create that ‘English cottage garden’- look. Oh, it’s so cool.

I’d say that a #1 problem with new gardens of new buildings like condo’s etc, is that they look ‘new’ and a bit awkward for quite a while, usually. They just lack that coziness and sense of belonging. It can take a year or several years for a garden to start to blend into a cohesive lovely look. And in that time, you will want to do lots of clipping and tweaking to make it ‘so’.

Now, I have a fantastic shortcut for you to to create a Country Cottage Garden, in a mum. Add interest to your everyday plants by planting them in moss covered pots! Moss-covered pots also make perfect complements to water features in your garden.

How to make moss-covered pots: easy & fast

how to make moss covered pots

Quick Results!

I am not sure if I ever shared some pictures of the Tivoli water gardens just outside of Rome?! Here’s one shot… I have ever since dreamed of having even just a tiny piece of its wonderfulness. Or the moss-covered stones on Via Amerina, that ancient Etruscan paved road from Rome to Florence. I LOVE that aged look of nature.

Recipe to quickly grow moss on terra cotta pots, rocks, bricks, and walls (think … moss – covered letters…)

How to Make Moss – Recipe


  1. 1 Part Moss.
  2. 1 Part Sugar.
  3. 2 Parts Beer.

Apparently, you can use yogurt and buttermilk are substitutes for beer when aging terra cotta clay pots. Essentially, you want yeast to speed up the moss growing process for you. Great way to get some benefit from dairy products that are past their expiry date. If you go for full fat, the liquid will be thicker and stay on better.
The methods and results vary a small bit, and can be used in a mix-match fashion. You can just smear on the yogurt (unevenly!). And just wait…. This aging method may take a month and is really beautiful. Pots made this way a great complement to moss covered pots made with the beer or buttermilk. The beer or buttermilk is to be mixed with the moss and is faster. Again, be sure to go for an uneven application to create natural moss patterns and aging patinas.

Steps to Grow Moss

  • Step 1. Mix ingredients.
  • Step 2. Apply onto surface where you want the moss to grow.
  • Step 3. Keep it a bit moist, initially by water spraying the surface.
  • Voila, there you have your natural, ornamental moss, that makes your garden look like it’s been there for ages!
Learn how to make your own moss covered pots :: Create Magnificent 'old' Planters ::


This gardening tip works best in the shade, of course. Moss is a plant that loves the damp and dark. Realize that this recipe is to quickly create an aged look to your garden. However, in addition, your terra cotta pots and garden will be come more beautiful and aged over time! I would give it several weeks to several months to have a splendid-looking garden that looks a hundred years old.

Don’t forget to put some pretty flowers and plants in at least some of your pots!

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