DIY Mirrors as Good as Pottery Barns

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I think many of us have been eye-ing luxurious mirrors at Pottery Barn. So did Wendy Michelle from Craft Goodies eye their mirrors, but she did not stop there!

image source: Pottery barn

She took an inexpensive mirror, that looked like it was purchased at a discount home goods warehouse, and she singlehandedly gave it a make-over using bits and pieces from the garage, transforming it into a luxury mirror.

image credit: WM Craft Goodies

A beautiful mirror transformation

Yes, Wendy’s mirror ended up being narrower than the Pottery Barn mirror but that actually might be useful as it allows the mirror to be transplanted more easily to different locations.

Quick Instructions on How to Make DIY Mirrors like Pottery Barn’s

  1. Measure the length (L) and width (W) of your mirror
  2. Measure the width of the new mirror frame rim (R)
  3. Cut 2 planks with a 90 degree angle that on one side are of length L, and the other side of L + 2 R.
  4. Cut 2 planks with a 90 degree angle that one one side are of length W, and the other side of W + 2R.
  5. Glue the parts together to form the frame. Add brackets at the back to hold the pieces very securely together, and attach the mirror to the frame.
  6. (optional:) On the inside of the frame, add some small trim.
  7. Lightly sand, paint or stain the mirror frame.

More details on Wendy’s blog: Craft Goodies

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