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Featuring DIY & Christmas Crafts for DIY CRAFT TUTORIALS linky party #23. In the round-up are wonderful seasonal craft ideas and tutorials. For example, today you can learn how to DIY burlap bird ornaments. Aren’t they adorable. Of course, inspired by Ballard Designs. Their stuff is soo good. Beautiful. And there’s more….

Featured DIY & Christmas Crafts

DIY Burlap Bird Ornaments

ballard designs-inspired DIY burlap bird ornaments

This DIY Burlap Bird Ornaments by Me Making Do ( are Ballard Designs knock-offs.

The Howto
    As this blog is no longer active, let me summerize how to make these wonderful bird ornaments:

  • Cut 2 bird silhouette shapes, sew them together and fill. Tip: don’t overstuff!
  • To create ornaments out if these birds, it’s best to add a piece of string on the top/back of the bird in-between the two layers of fabric and sew them all together.
  • With craft wire, create feathers for wings and tail.
  • Wrap these with rope so you can’t see the wires any longer. Stick wire into birds.
  • Attach further rope detailing with glue and a few stitches.
  • Make face with a black marker or black embroidery floss.

Fun and easy.

Handmade Christmas Ornaments

handmade christmas ornament

By Cappuccino & Cobwebs ( – Great way to use old Christmas cards….??!! Nice embellishments.

Christmas decor
Christmas Mantelpiece Decoration
By Craftberrybush

Simple does it! Great design, easy to accomplish.

More Christmas Ideas

My Craft Contribution This Week

This one is from my article, Best Homemade Advent Calendars, and is my favorite design. It’s one of many featured, so click the link.

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