DIY Lace Socks for Leather Boots

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Got Lace? Got 10 minutes? Get yourself some lace ‘socks’ for your leather boots.


Fabulous and dazzling your onto-lookers will you walk around with these whimsical ‘strips of lace’ peeking like knee-high socks out of your boots. Fall Fashion 2012 .. and beyond!

I love the fact that these boot socks are nice and thin.


My Quick 1,2,3 How to Make This:

You’ll need stretch lace or stretch lace ribbon for this project. Measure the circumference of your knee, and add a tiny seam allowance. Cut this lengths twice and sew each strip of lace into a band, one for each leg.

Buttons are optional but add interest.

You can wear these ‘lace socks’ on their own, or attach them to your favorite pair of socks that just does not peekaboo over your the rims of your boots.


photo credit: Tamara at Etcetorize

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