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Today, I’m featuring how Amy from The Idea Room created stunning wood ceilings. Wow, what a DIY kitchen makeover, or better said ‘home improvement’ is that!

Remember how I loved this condo into cottage transformation, by way of wood walls? A designer ‘had it done’, so there was no DIY tutorial or insights how it was done. Well, Amy shared her How-to secret.

DIY Kitchen Ceiling After

kitchen makeover

DIY Kitchen Ceiling Before


Amy’s Home Improvement Secret?

V-groove planks. Applied with a bit of painters caulk and nails; in staggered fashion.

This looks like a ‘million dollar’- kitchen makeover to me, but are V-groove planks expensive? No. In contrary, when you buy them from the right place, and in bulk, they are pretty cheap. I did a bit of research for you.


V-groove Pine Planks

If you want to do more than just one ceiling, consider buying your planks in a pallet, as that is the most cost effective.

Knotty Pine Tongue and Groove Flooring/Paneling-Full Pallet

Each Pallet contains 200 pieces at 8′ long, and would cover 718 square ft. of space.  This wood is suitable for both flooring and paneling, i.e. for walls, floors and ceilings.  The price? One thousand bucks. Good deal if you ask me.

Or, if you want a smaller lot, here is Allwood V-Groove Knotty Pine Planking, 70 SQF for only $110.

photo credit | tutorial : The Idea Room

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