Make recycled furniture new with these pretty DIY Horse Image Transfers

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Make your own textile transfer images using a simple computer program anyone has: Word. Other things you’ll need are also of the common household variety: a charcoal pencil, scissors, sticky tape, a marker and some paint.  See, YOU can do it TODAY. (smile).

Recycled Furniture Revamp Chair with Horse Transfers


Gorgeous. In one word.

b/w Computer Images as Transfers for Personalized Furniture


photo credit | tutorial:

In a photo tutorial, Tonya from Pails of Paint shows us how to use Word to work with images in Word. Import them, crop them, resize them, and print them in b/w  on normal copy paper.

The steps after that are equally simple:  use the black/white images as transfers by rubbing charcoal pencil marks onto the back of them and taping them onto your ‘canvas’, i.e. the chair seat upholstery fabric.

Success tip: pre-paint your fabric, or test it for paint bleeding.

Tonya traced the horses with a pen to transfer the charcoal pencil marks, and then used a fine tip paint pen to go over the outline on the fabric and used a broad tip pen to fill in the images


Make amazingly painted furniture with the simple tools in your house. I love it. Anyone can do this!

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