DIY Hoop Wreath to Spruce up your Decor


It’s Canadian Thanksgiving tomorrow, and we do like to celebrate that a little, no matter where we live. And what better way than with a bit of turkey, maple syrup-something and … a DIY Hoop Wreath for our front door — or our living room door — I haven’t decided yet.

Hoop wreaths are all the rage now, and I have to say, they did get under my skin.

Just now that I have perfected the DIY paper wreath and the DIY au-natural wreath.. Pffft. Anyhow, times are changes, and so it wreath fashion.

We just bought a nice new coffee table – glass and black metal frame, which I am going to do up into gold soon. And added some fantastic mustard colored pillows to our living room. I feel I must finish thing off.

DIY Hoop Wreath

inexpensive golden hoops that look glam

Materials Needed for your DIY Project

  • A gorgeous golden hoop. (#ad) Or an embroidery hoop, if you prefer. You can now get sets of 2,3 or 4 hoops; 10, 12, or 14″ and yeah, even triangular hoops as well. Often shown as a trio. I am a bit of a traditionalist, I guess, as I’m planning to just make 1 wreath myself. That’s it.
  • Good looking silk flowers, like these peonies (#ad) for example. Note that for outdoor arrangements, lots of Etsy shops use plastic flowers instead of silks. They may not look as good but they last…. I just bought some faux flowers from IKEA (out of all places) and it turned out they are gorgeous, and rather high quality. Plus, I have been collecting dried ‘cuttings’ from the garden, some of which I may paint to make them more vibrant and durable.
  • Fresh greenery from the garden. Personally, I am going to use some sage that I’m growing, and mix that with several evergreens I have.
  • Some garden wire, rag pipe cleaners or gardeners’ tape to secure the flowers to the wreath.
  • A couple of ribbons – go for high quality silks, for indoors.
  • A way to hanging your frame. This can be very thin nylon rope to hang the wreath from the ceiling or a beam; or just a nail in the wall.

A pic of the peonies I just mentioned. Lovely right?

How to Make a Hoop Wreath Arrangement

What is particularly nice about a hoop wreath trend is that these thin wreath hoops beg for a minimalist arrangement. So, you don’t need much!

Usually 5-9 twigs of varying lengths and textures going to the left, and a similar set of twigs going to the right. Secure them at (nearly) the same point on the wreath. Cover the joint with 3 main flowers or similar. You could add 2 or 4 supporting flowers. Your total number of flowers should be uneven, as that somehow looks more abundant.

Optional: add a ribbon bow to the flower arrangement section, and use the ribbon to secure the wreath on the wall, door or wherever you want to hang it.

Pro Tips

Mix real with faux natural elements for a fuller looking and longer lasting wreath.

Ever green twigs lasts longest. Also pick a few elements that will look great as they are coming off age. Ever seen how pretty sunflowers are when they are at ‘end of life’? Then you know just what I mean.

Mist spray your wreath daily if you are using natural elements, for best results.

Wreath Designs for Inspiration

Credit to Afloral via Pinterest for the faux flowers and/or sites mentioned in image

I’ll be making my wreath tomorrow. And I’ll show you soon after.

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