DIY Heart Friendship Bracelets make lovely Valentines Gifts

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Long term friendship + 2 seconds to make, great friendship bracelet = a winner for this Valentines Day.

Friendship bracelets are about simple gestures. It is the simplicity that counts. Originally, friendships were given to friends who could then make a wish. They would never take off the bracelet, but when the bracelet would fall off from wear and tear, the wish would come true. Did you know that? Now you do.

Making this friendship bracelet is so simple.


friendship bracelet tutorial


My 1,2,3 how-to make this Friendship Bracelet

1. Take two pieces of string and an open heart charm bead. I just a link from a heart chain for this bracelet, but there are many other open heart shapes you could use.

2. Loop both strings onto the open heart, one on each side.

3. Tie a knot at the end of each side so that you have firmer ends which can then be easily tied together around your friend’s wrist (see photo). As a guide for determining how long your string needs to be: aim for an approximate 17” circumference and then add 3” on either side so that you can tie a knot in the ends.


How to Make an Adjustable Knot for Friendship Bracelets

Prefer to make an adjustable knot? The following three images show you how:

adjustable_knot_friendship_bracelet adjustable_knot_friendship_bracelets adjustable_knots_friendship_bracelets

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