DIY Gold Confetti Mugs to make your home Anthropologie-style pretty

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Make your own stylish holiday mugs from some plain white IKEA mugs! Here’s how. This gold cup from Rachel at Lines Across, caught my attention. Isn’t it pretty? I love browsing through the table wear section in Anthropologie. Fun and whimsy, with class. This cup would fit right in! But instead of this being a rather premium-priced addition to your table ware, here’s a tutorial on how to make your own DIY gold confetti mugs, cups and glasses, on a tiny budget.

Secret Sauce to Success

What you need:
1. A plain white mug
2. Rubbing alcohol
3. Jumbo glitter
4. Dishwasher safe Mod Podge
5. A soft paint brush

All confetti cups and mugs are made, either with a permanent marker, or with confetti chips — the latter being more fun, of course! The secret sauce is not the confetti pieces, but is the type of glue you’ll use to put them on: dishwasher safe glue (#affiliatelink). Also, realise that confetti comes in all sizes. For this project, you should look for the right-sized confetti to get the look you want.

Tutorial Instructions for DIY Gold Confetti Mugs

Now the way you do this is as follows: first, clean the cup with rubbing alcohol so you’ve got a clean slate.

In your head, divide the height of the cup into 5 sections, and envision the bottom section to be very gold, the next one up a bit less gold and so on. Leave the rim section all white.

Cover the bottom 2-3 sections with glue and poor over confetti dots. Use a small, soft paint brush to put them in position and ensure the confetti dots don’t cover each other too much but mostly lay flat next to each other. Add more glue as needed to do so.

Then, let that first layer dry. When dried, add a second and/or even third layer, to perfect your design.

Once you’re totally happy with it, cover the embellished sections of your mug with the dishwasher safe glue. Let it dry … for a long time. Like a month!

Note: personally, I’d leave the entire top 1/5th free from confetti and glue, to be on the very safe side.

Credit: Rachel from LinesAcross

DIY Gold Confetti Mugs

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