Cool Down Your Yard with this easy DIY Garden Canopy

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Need to get shade cover in your backyard? Then go for this DIY Garden Canopy project. I know I need one. Not for the sun, but for the occasional rain drizzles instead.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it here in the UK but the season for sitting outside in the garden isn’t a long stretch of time. It’s not so much that it is too cold or that the sun is not yet strong enough. It’s more that I need a solution that would cheer me up and allow me to finish my tea, i.e. handle those surprise 5-minute-long rain falls.

This is the scene:

You walk outside with your coffee, tablet, portfolio of ideas and a small box of home-baked cookies. You sit down and make yourself comfortable. You just get into things, and …. all of a sudden you have to bring everything inside. If you don’t you and all your belongings will get s-o-a-k-e-d!!! But, very shortly after, you could bring everything out again. But you don’t. Sad. Something needs to happen!!!

DIY Canopy for Backyard, Deck or Porch

DIY Garden Canopy for your Backyard Shade Cover

To avoid all that hassle, a super – simple garden canopy such as this one depicted here would be be sufficient.  While a round tent-shape cloth canopy would better match the organic patio shape in my back yard,  the rectangular nature of this model here is the easiest ever: no measuring, no cutting: use that fabric as it comes off the roll!  

And the general idea of making your own cement-based planters in which to place elegant bamboo sticks is brilliant.

The construction of this canopy in the picture is super-sturdy as the 4 planters are filled first with some cement (handmade by you), then some gravel (poured by you) and then topped with soil and decorative plants (planted by you).  Just before you pour that cement, have a friend or your daughter hold a wide pvc pipe in the center of the pot. Use this pipe to put the bamboo poles in. So clever and tidy. And verrrryyyy easy to do. I am all inspired.

This is an easy, budget home decorating solution.

 DIY Garden Canopy photo credit | project source: AllYou (The How-to tutorial with detail:

How to Make this DIY Garden Canopy

This canopy is held down by 4 sturdy bamboo poles that are anchored down by a total weight of 240-lb of cement and 40-lb. of gravel. Plus the weight of the 4 pots themselves. Say 300 lbs. all up. Heavy, right?!  Well, this is the sort of weight that you will need if you are having a canopy of this size: 3 yards of 54” wide fabric. It’s outdoor quality fabric, probably some sort of canvas, which tends to be rather heavy.

I am spelling this out to you because you will probably make a canopy to suit the size of your patio or backyard.  I do.

While there are many variables at play: if you make your canopy to be less than 3-yard, it is probably sturdier. You could add a 5th pole at the back in the middle.

I think that a round design is sturdier again, but then you will have to sew that fabric in triangle shapes, making this project a lot more work.

Another factor to keep in mind is the wind. If you live in a windy zone, you will want to go for lighter-weight fabric and heavier bases to hold it down. I am not saying this flippantly. We now live by the sea.  Ok. They say we had the worst storms in hundred years, but the reality was that we experienced some severe wind a few weeks ago that knocked the bike shed of our neighbors over. So, unusual or not, it may be a reality for you and me, and so we might as well design things properly with our reality in mind.  And besides the weight management to hold that large piece of canopy fabric down, be sure to also use sturdy fabric fasteners to attach the fabric canopy to the support poles.

OK. There you have it. My insights on how to build your own canopy from scratch. I may add future instructions as I go along.  But this is it for now.

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