DIY Flipflops Refashion

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We’ve seen our fair share of DIY flipflops refashion, but this one is a bit different. It uses the embroidered bra section of a summer dress over the super-cheap flip-flop bases, giving them quite a lift of fun and elegance. Pair it with some black nail polish and you’ll love the results.

This is a great way to upcycle old flipflops which tops are broken.

I left a pair in the garden last year, and a fox played with it. i.e. he chewed up the top of one of them. So, now I have a pair that’s just waiting for a DIY Flipflops Refashion like this….


Source: The Thriftiness Miss (this blog stopped in 2016), but we’d like nonetheless to keep the credit going to her.

Simple fun, creative footwear creation. 100% recycled too. Perfect.

DIY Flipflops Refashion Tutorial

As this tutorial is no longer available on her site, let us give you a few steps on how you could make these yourself here:

STEP 1.  Find  a piece of clothing, like this old summer dress, and cut two nearly equal triangles.  Take your broken flipflops and cut off the top sections of both.


STEP 2. Wrap the fabric around  the edges, and give these hems some quick stitches (or take our your sewing machine and do this more professionally).

STEP 3. Pull the fabric through the holes of your flipflops. Knot the fabric on the soles-side. Flatten those knots as much as possible. With a glue-gun, glue the fabric in the holes for extra strength. Let it dry.

And voila! There is your DIY flipflops refashion!

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